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Ginnette Gonzalez

Real Estate Sales Associate

Speciality: Residential

P: 305 764 1167 O: 305 392 1497

Email Ginnette Gonzalez at:gg@resf.com

English, Portuguese, Spanish



Ginnette Gonzalez has been a successful real estate agent in South Florida dating back to 2005. She began her career in the finance side of the industry more than 13 years ago; as a mortgage broker in 2000. She has a well-rounded understanding of all the steps in the purchasing and selling of real estate. A hard-working professional committed to service and results.


Always putting customers first and excelling in her career. She’s a Cuban-born-Miami-raised professional that knows what it takes to dedicate herself fully in order to achieve goals and desired outcome, even in the hardest of circumstances. Coming from a humble upbringing and being taught as a child that one can accomplish success with dedication and hard work. A trust-deserving professional partner with proven track record. Her motto is to work ethically, professionally, persistently and success will find you. As your real estate agent, she will guide buyers and sellers in their real estate decisions, represent their interests with knowledge and understanding of the marketplace, gain clients an advantage in negotiations, saving them money in the short and long run.


She’s bilingual with fluency in both English and Spanish and now focusing on Portuguese as she expands into the prolific international segment of real estate investment in Miami. Allow her the chance to prove this next time you are looking for a real estate specialist in the Miami area. She is looking forward to servicing all your real estate needs!


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