Victor “Victorious” Barroso Jr.

Victor "Victorious" Barroso Jr.

A native of Miami, Victor “Victorious” Barroso Jr. is a Realtor with a purpose. Finding his true passion in the real estate business, Victor’s main motivation is bringing people together and finding joy in everything… a perfect description of matching his client with the place they will call home. Victor’s story, and path to his career, are rooted in a deeply transformative life experience and how one decision can impact a life.

Growing up in Miami but with parents of Cuban descent gave Victor a global vision of the world and a sense of adventure. Embracing the diversity of South Florida, he built a successful professional life in real estate at a rather young age, working in property management. As his career progressed, success followed and Victor followed through on his dream to see the country of his parent’s birth. As he and his friend set out to explore Cuba, a terrible car accident ended their trip, six lives were lost and Victor, not expected to survive, lost his arm and 8 coma days. After years of extreme challenges linked to the accident, Victor has emerged a survivor in every sense of the word. Today, he uses his own experiences to inspire and motivate others. He truly believes in the power of not sweating the small stuff and has found power in knowledge.

Victor’s skill set, attitude, life experience and world exposure make the perfect fit for today’s real estate market. The ability to create a vision of life in a new home or help an investor realize a property’s fullest potential brings Victor true joy. Clients looking for selling their home, he makes Victorious Real Estate Team and sells homes all in 24 hours with victorious marketing, and high price value. Look at Victor is an also licensed lender and will find the right mortgage for you with his team, or help you refinance! Clients that want to buy residential, commercial or income-producing properties in Miami will find Victor knowledgeable and friendly with a command of the current market.

Competitive by nature, Victor brings the same level of passion and enthusiasm to the negotiating table as he does to his love of sports, especially baseball, which he has played since the age of eight. He is an avid reader who engages in philanthropic endeavors whenever possible. He did his passion and created a non-profit to help veterans that have lost limbs and are depressed daily and want to die. Six percent donation from each of his home sales benefit the charity “See Beyond Yourself”. He is fluent in English and Spanish.

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